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Comments v2

WordPress Comments always sat in the article's footer. Not anymore. We've revolutionized how commenting takes place in your blog or magazine.

Get Reactions

Sometimes a thumbs up or angry face says more than a long-form comment. And even better, you can add your very own emotions and reactions. Yay!

Boost Loyalty

Use email notifications to get comment authors to come back when somebody replies. It is time to boost your visitors' loyalty and get them engaged more often!

New Inline Comments.

No more scrolling down to the bottom of your pages to start engaging. Visitors can easily comment right from the most talked-about parts of your posts.

Works On Every Screen.

Whether your visitors are mobile-first or desktop-focused, Engaging Convo showcases and triggers engagement as beautifully on all screens and devices.

wordpress comments engaging convo plugin mobile-friendly

Write Less, React More.

Reactions are little icons people can click to react to a comment. You can add the ones you want (ie. thumbs up, poop, angry face, LOL!, etc.)

wordpress comments like button reactions

Extra Colors & Settings.

Engaging Convo's colors and features can be changed and adapted using our Advanced Settings panel. Pro bloggers can also use custom CSS to go even beyond.

engaging convo customization settings

Get Visitors To Visit Back.

Use our Email Notifications extensions to notify your comment authors whenever somebody replies to them. Easy way to get visitors to engage more, and more often.

email notifications wordpress comments


Engaging Convo is a WordPress comments plugin in active development. We're also making the code developer-friendly so play around with our filters and actions.

engaging convo developer friendly hooks filters actions

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  • Included Premium Extensions
  • Advanced Settings
  • Unlimited Reactions
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